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Hello BLOG World!!!

My name is Askar. I’m a techie, mostly working with Microsoft technologies. I graduated back in the late 90’s with the major in Computer Science and since then I’ve been a “self-declared” geek.

Lately Web 2.0, Blogs and Web Standards frenzy me. Seriously…I love reading blogs (particularly of others…what’s interesting reading mine anyway 😉 ) I am a long time blog reader (dating back to almost 4 years now). All these days I wanted to start my own blog to share my own thoughts. I was planning to create a from-the-ground blogging engine and to host the blog by myself. It never started as I was totally locked with my work and hence no time to put my head on to that. Then I came across WordPress and since then have kept the idea of hosting by myself aside.

I’ve been focusing mostly on the Microsoft world in my career. I like the way things get done in Microsoft world and that’s the point of me sticking to it. Yes…I do get impressed with all the Google/Yahoo/etc innovations and honestly I do use many of their services. But when it comes to feeding for life I felt it’s the enterprise world that does that and guess what Microsoft is predominent in the enterprise software development. And I’m happy with it.

I live in Harrisburg, the capitol city of Pennsylvania. Penn Capitol It’s not a big city if you are not crazy of a big city. But it does have a decent downtown skyline and have the charm of a city living with some peace and lesser traffic (even though the traffic got really bad lately as many people started moving to Central Penn area). But I like the place though.

There are a lot more to tell ya about me, but I don’t want to bore you with my history 🙂

If you would like to get in touch with me (and get to know more about me) here’s my contact info,

email: h u s s a i n a s k a r @ g m a i l . c o m (of course, without spaces)

phone: 7 1 7 . 3 7 9 . 0 0 8 2

Hoping to be a nice, friendly blog’o personality.

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