ZYB: Online Mobile Phone Contact Backup Service

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I just tried ZYB, the online mobile phone contact backup service and I’ve to tell ya, it is simply a great tool to make sure your cell phone numbers are safely backed up somewhere online. I always was concerned of losing my cell phone or having it not startup on a fine day. One day I happen to drop my cell phone in the rain and it wouldn’t start up after that and I still remember the moment when I was literally trying my best to make sure I get my contacts written somewhere safe. Fortunate for me that I got my cell phone back up and running without that many hassles but that taught me a good lesson and importance of keeping a backup of my cell phone contacts.

When I heard of ZYB providing the same service of what I was looking for, I thought of giving it a try. Truly it was a seamless effort to back up my cell phone contacts. Even though the web site was a bit slow in terms of performance it was simple enough to have my RAZR contacts backed up with few simple steps that ZYB will guide you thru.

One great service that I would recommend you to try.

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