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Leopard and iPhone – Delayed

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Initially it was Leopard (the latest Apple Mac Operating System) that was delayed until at least October 2007 because Apple was leveraging engineers from the Leopard team to focus on the iPhone delivery.

But rumors are popping out on the net cloud that the iPhone could also be delayed. It looks like the extra features in the iPhone software is taking a huge drain on the battery life and that’s a huge concern for Apple given that it’s a phone and on top of that it’s $500 with a contract.

I was kinda’ waiting for this iPhone to hit the market in June so that I can think about having one once my Cingular contract gets over. But now given this concern about the battery life I would rather have to wait and decide.

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Discover Card – 5% Cash Back at Circuit City, CompUSA and more stores

In Breaking News, Deals, General, Misc, News on April 6, 2007 at 8:56 pm

Discover Card is giving 5% Cash Back during the months of April and June 2007 when you shop at participating stores including Circuit City, CompUSA, Apple Store, and more.

Log in to your Discover Card account and click on “CashBack” in the left column to see all offers.

Eligible cards:
Discover More Card (previously named as Discover Platinum Card)
Discover Student Card

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Google Voice Local Search

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If you are on the road or at a place where you don’t have internet access but you carried your phone with you and want to find a business to the locality, you’ve got a solution now. GOOG-411 from Google helps you find businesses based on city, state or category. Even it connects you to the phone number listed for that business.

Try it out.

PS: Keep in mind that it’s still in experimental state.

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Recharge your gadgets without wires

In Breaking News, Gadgets, General, Misc, News, Tools on April 4, 2007 at 10:27 pm

A Pennsylvania based company, Powercast, came up with an impressive product to cut the wires on small to medium gadgets and let the recharge happen wireless. That is a pretty cool concept and the good thing about this is that they just didn’t come up with the concept but they’ve made that concept into a product and have successfully signed agreements with more than 100 companies including the electronics giant Philips.

Here is how it works…A transmitter plugs into the wall, and a dime-size receiver (the real innovation, costing about $5 to make) can be embedded into any low-voltage device. The receiver turns radio waves into DC electricity, recharging the device’s battery at a distance of up to 3 feet.

Read more about this cool stuff here.

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Why Google is again the #1 place to work for?

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Fortune magazine again nominated Google as the best place to work for. It is just so unique of a company that offers that much perks and challenge mixed together. That would be fun and motivating.

This video quantifies that Google could be on the top of the list for quite sometime to come.

Note: If you can’t view the video above then here is the link to the video.

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