Faster Windows Live Mail M9

In Breaking News, IT, News, Tools on January 23, 2007 at 10:44 pm

Microsoft has updated its Windows Live Mail service to M9. New features include:

  • Much faster loading and advanced Firefox compatibility (works fully in Firefox 2)
  • The Classic Mode will be the default view from Hotmail users – brand new users won’t be taken to the fully AJAX’d page but to the Classic interface for “ease-of-use” purposes.
  • A new Today page rolls out, including what would be on your Today page in Windows Live Messenger.
  • Recent Updates now added as a tabbed page on the Today page allowing you to switch to what’s changed (blogs, contacts and newsletters etc.)
  • Search bar at the top of the page has been updated and tweaked slightly for the other themes.

Not all the servers have been updated as of yet. Use the link below to access Windows Live Mail using the bay117 server.

Access the fastest Windows Live Mail from this bay117 server. Believe me…it’s really fast.



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