What’s next Microsoft?…Windows Fiji and Windows Vienna

In Breaking News, IT, News, Windows Vista on January 2, 2007 at 11:08 pm

Having the count down already started for the consumer release of Windows Vista, what’s next in the line cooking up there at Redmond? Windows Fiji and Windows Vienna. That’s right. These are the Windows version on the queue to be in line for the subsequent releases.

On a gist, Windows Fiji will be either an update or a service pack to the current version of Windows Vista. This release should have features that didn’t make it in time for the Windows Vista launch.

According to Wikipedia here are some of the rumored features to be included in Windows Fiji.

  • The user interface will be updated with things that were originally promised for Vista, along with a more powerful sidebar, which will be more than just a dock for widgets
  • .Net Framework will be updated to 3.5 or 4
  • WinFS will be applied over NTFS to give us Virtual Folders
  • All bundled application will be updated to newer versions
  • Tighter integration with Windows Live. Probably through ‘Codename Nemo’, a media center application that’s integrated with Messenger, Spaces, and probably lots of other Windows Live Services
  • We might see Monaco, a music authoring tool, similar to Apple’s Garageband
  • Default playback of HD-DVD, Vista currently identifies these disks but cannot play them without an external decoder
  • A more advanced speech recognition software
  • The system will be made more secure
  • New themes, icons, wallpapers, games, and minor tweaks to almost everything

If Windows Fiji is an update to the current Windows Vista, Windows Vienna is a complete revamp of the way Windows works and behaves. I particularly like the concept of “pie” menu instead of the traditional one (yeaaaay!!! more screen real estate).

Cybernet Technology News has a nice article with screenshots.

Disclaimer: As I’ve said it’s all in a very early incumbent stage and things might change drastically as the development progresses (like Windows Vista).

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