Print your sales receipt for "Google Checkout" orders

In Deals, Misc, Tips N Tricks on December 18, 2006 at 12:24 pm

If you are using “Google Checkout” to save some money on your online orders at this holiday season you might want to use this link to print your sales receipts for you to send in those mail-in rebates. offers quite a deal on some of their products if you use their Google Checkout service. With the Google Checkout normally the bottom line price becomes so attractive.

Once you navigate to the link page you can search your Google order by one of these ways to print your receipt.

Hope it’s useful.

What is Google Checkout?

  1. cannot get to print my receipt for 1 gb secure digital card.

    shipping date 12/21/06
    customer # 31418875

  2. cannot print my receipt for rebate
    date 12/21/06
    please help, thanks.

  3. Sorry to hear that. The information you’ve given is plenty of, but lacks the information the site needs to let you print your receipt.

    By that means, I need your Order Number (do you mean the reference number as order number?), Billing Last Name (I believe is Chinn) and your billing phone number. At least I don’t have the phone number to retrieve the receipt.

    Let me know all these or make sure you key-in the right values for those fields. I have printed it by myself and it worked great. I would suggest you to make sure the values before you key-in.

    If you need any further help please let me know.

  4. It’s very easy.
    Go to, then click on My Account on top right, next click on Order Lookup, not Google Checkout Order Lookup. In the next page, input your last name, email, and’s order number which you received from mail; make sure do NOT input order number that received from Google Checkout mail. After click Find Order, it will take you to Order Summary page, and in the far right is View Receipt button; click on it and bingo, your receipt w/o Google Checkout discount.
    Hope this help.

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