Extendable Task Bar if you use multiple monitors

In Gadgets, Tips N Tricks, Tools on November 21, 2006 at 9:09 pm

If you are upto the standards and you use multiple (extended) monitors at home or work then you should have to have these tools to make life easier. Media Chance has a Task Bar that extends to the second or even the third monitor so that you can have your own Task Bar for each monitors.

Here is what it does,

  • It adds second taskbar to the extended desktop on Monitor 2 (either right or left)
  • It can add third taskbar to the second Extended monitor if you have 3 monitors setup.
  • It shows only applications from that Monitor
  • It hides the applications on Monitor 2 from normal Windows Taskbar

 The cool thing about this tool is that it adds a “Move To” button at the top of each window which will allow you to move the window from one monitor to the other with a click of a button.

It’s a pretty handy tool if you use multiple monitors.

Visit the site here.

Download it from here. (~500KB)

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  1. Thanks, I’m using this now. Care to trade links?

    Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens

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