Send text messages from your PS2 or XBox 360 game controllers

In Gadgets, Tools on November 16, 2006 at 10:27 am

Texter™, a new plug-in kind of device for the game controllers from Blue Orb Inc. lets you send text messages from your Playstation® 2 and XBox 360™ game controllers. This would particularly be helpful for the gamers who need to message with their buddies and enemies while they are on the game. It’s particularly useful for XBox™ Live Chat.

It’s kind of a new way of typing without the traditional keyboard. They claim that its 5 times faster than the tradition keyboard typing. I haven’t tried it though so I’m not sure how true the claim is.

The Texter™ also allows you to use your controller to type on a PC!

The Texter™ is currently available for the Playstation® 2 and will soon be available for the Xbox 360.

Visit this page to get an idea of what all these means.

  1. Can two PS2 consoles talk to each other with text messages?

  2. I guess Yes even though I haven’t tried that way. With Texter you can send messages to a PlayStation or an XBox console from another console, which means the two consoles are talking to each other by text messages.

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