Microsoft Zune – I wouldn’t buy that now

In Gadgets, General, Personal on November 16, 2006 at 12:32 am

I was at an Office Depot store last night and came across to experience Microsoft’s Zune player, the latest Gizmo. I was following the trend on Zune and have even blogged about it.

I own an iPod 30GB Video and I love it. It’s pretty sleek and the video looks crisp and above all, the all famous, scroll wheel. If at all I complain anything about iPod I would complain my (horrible) experience with iTunes. For some reason it never worked for me in a pleasant way. That’s another reason I was looking at and (eagerly) waiting for Zune to hit the market so that I can see if it’s worth buying it. BTW, I run Windows based OS (XP Pro and XP Media Center Edition) and I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

Anyways, I was attracted with Zune for it’s FM radio capability, wireless sharing and a bit more screen real estate. Even though I hate the color cases of Zune I thought it would be cool. But after my experience at Office Depot I was a bit disappointed with what Zune has to offer. Sure there is FM radio and wireless sharing, but these are the stuffs that made me disappointed,

  • Unbelievably poor exterior case color choice
  • No scroll wheel….Psssst
  • Glaring screen, this was pretty annoying at the store with all those bright lights
  • Poor user interface, I even noticed the pixelating fonts
  • A bit bulky

I haven’t experienced the Zune Market Place but I hope that to be at least better. To me the whole Zune player looked to me like Microsoft just rushed to bring this to the market at the time of holiday shopping. I would rather say they should have taken the time to make it better than just rushing. But again…it’s Microsoft and they have billions on hand. I hope they would make at least Zune2 a better one.

I would hold on to my lovely iPod 30GB Video. Apple…hey…are you there?…can you please make this freaky iTunes work with my Media Center PC? That would be great.

  1. iTunes Music Store not working must suck.. If Microsoft had brought the Zune out even a year ago the ipod might not be dominating the mp3 world…..can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  2. If at all I must have been inclined towards Zune it must have been because of my unpleasant experience with iTunes. It wasn’t the music store, actually it was iTunes itself.

    For some reason even when I tried to upgrade to iTunes 7 it gave me some issues. I tried to reinstall it again…the same problem. Then I heard that it was a known issue with iTunes 7 and Apple then released iTunes 7.0.1 update and immediately I did the update and still it didn’t resolve the problem it seems.

    Whenever I connect my iPod to my PC, iTunes senses that after too much hesitation (it takes a while to sense that even when I just have around 20% of my 30 GB filled). When I try to sync its even worst that it will say “Updating iPod…” but at the end it will just hang on me. Crazy experience.

    Given these I was looking at Zune as a viable alternative. But I’m not impressed with the quality of the player when compared even though I’m a big Microsoft kind of a person. I just want to be honest to my readers.

    Yes, can’t wait to see how Zune plays out in the market. Thanks for the comment fizzpop.

  3. One more thing…it might not be a good news for those of you whom are willing to give Zune a try…Zune software is not compliant with Windows Vista…I don’t know how Microsoft could let Zune slip from its Vista bandwagon but that’s what it is.
    No support for Zune software in Vista. On the good news side I’ve heard that it only affects the users whom participated in the beta trial version of Vista. Hope Microsoft fixes this soon.

  4. Buddy of mine bought a Zune on release day. Opened it up, tried to download media – and the sucker froze completely. Tried again, same thing.

    So he exchanged the offending unit for a new one – and, lo and behold, same phenomenon. He then returned it entirely and, after some research, will be most likely buying an iPod 30GB instead.

    Way to go, Microsoft!

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