InlineSearch – Search like Firefox in IE

In Browser, IT, Tips N Tricks, Tools on November 10, 2006 at 12:14 am

For those us who use Firefox day-in and day-out are kind of blessed, particularly when it comes to trying to find something on a page. We just either start typing-in and let Firefox do the inline search and move to the block of text that matches or we “Ctrl + F” and then type-in the text that we want to find. Blessed are the Firefoxers.

Now think about the same experience if you are using Internet Explorer. IE, by default, comes with a modal search dialog that’s pretty much annoying at times of searching thru long pages. Now, blessing arrives for IEers in the form of InlineSearch.

InlineSearch is a free add-on for Internet Explorer that brings into IE the same search experience of Firefox. It pretty much behaves the same as Firefox search. It hijacks only the search shortcut key “Ctrl + F”. What does that mean? That means for those patriotic IEers you can still go back to the traditional IE search by using the Edit menu.

Here are some shortcuts that would be handy when using InlineSearch,

CTRL-F – to open/refresh the search pane

ESC – to close the search pane when in focus

F3 or ENTER – find the next occurrence

SHIFT-F3 – find the previous occurrence (Shift-Enter works too)

You can download InlineSearch from here.

Note: It plays nice with IE versions 5.5 and above.

  1. i use a firefox extension to use internet-explorer within firefox (ietab). your program does not work in this environment. the normal search-box appears. (however your program is great stuff for ie-user)

  2. Thanks for bringing that up Horst. Yes, in deed the plug-in was hosted with in the IE browser and when you use the IE Tab extension it just tries to render with the IE rendering engine and not the IE browser environment.

    So, Inline Search won’t work with IE Tab Firefox extension. Thanks again for bringing that up.

    Hope it’s at least useful to IE patrons.

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