I like this Royale Noir theme for Windows XP

In Tips N Tricks, Windows XP on November 2, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Here is the theme that I use in my laptop lately. It’s called Royale Noir and is based on the Windows Media Center Royale theme, enhanced. I’ve heard that it was developed at the time when Royale (the blue) was developed. But someone at Microsoft thought this is too powerful for them to release it to the public and have since then abandoned/archived it.

I was using the Royale (the blue) theme all these days. It definitely is an improvement over the default XP Luna theme. I keep my Task Bar in the side (to utilize my widescreen laptop real estate) and Royale seems to be too con-complacent with that. With this new Royale Noir theme, it nicely docks the Task Bar to the side and makes it look better than before.

I particularly like the cool dark color rather the bright blue. Also keep in mind that the world is moving to the black Vista in the near future. You know that. So, this is my baby step to get used to the life the way it is.

Since this skin was never released officially there are a few issues with it: the selected items background color doesn’t seem to match the overall theme and the inactive titlebars are too blackish.

But the good news is that it’s been signed by Microsoft and doesn’t require a custom UxTheme.dll patch in case there are any doubts to its authenticity.

If you already have Royale installed, you’ll need to remove it as both of these skins share the same name. But in my case it wasn’t a problem as I’ve named my Windows/Resources/Themes folder to have a Royale Noir subfolder and that tends to play nice with the Blue Royale theme.

Last, but not least, this skin has not been released to anyone outside Microsoft, until now.

Download Royale Noir Theme from here.

  1. can u tell me the steps to installing it/?

  2. Once you have patched the UxTheme.dll file you can just open the msstyle file to preview and use the theme.

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