Adobe Labs releases Adobe Digital Editions Beta

In IT, Tools on November 1, 2006 at 5:13 pm

I’m not a big time online book (eBook) reading guy. Having said I have to say that I do have few eBooks that I wish I have the time to read. Normally I used to read ’em (glance at ’em) using our favorite PDF readers (lately I’m pretty much impressed with the FoxIt Reader). It was boring for sure…but hey…we didn’t have a choice. But now I cannot have that excuse.

Adobe Labs lately came up with a flash based eBook Reader and they’ve weirdly named it as “Digital Editions”. The name might be fitting in their books but on my book. I wish they should have chosen a different name which can reflect more of the product than just a fancy name.

Anyway, I had this on my list of items to do for a few days now. I couldn’t find the time to download and review it a bit. Today I got the time and have downloaded the latest beta version of Adobe Digital Editions and have just peaked at an eBook that I wanted to read for a while now. It looks pretty cool to me. The installation was a breeze with “almost no user interaction”. I particularly liked the black background that tend to occupy the whole desktop area when you are in the reading mode. That’s pretty cool to make all the distractions hidden in the background.

Also, I like the way the library has been separated from the current reading pane and the cool thing is that it remembers the last layout when you’ve exited Digital Editions and takes you to that layout which is pretty helpful in places, particularly when reading, when you have a multi-page eBook and wanted to jump directly into where you left off the last time. That’s pretty neat.

Things to keep in mind is that it still is in Beta edition and so things might not have been as sturdy as it is supposed to be. And also I’ve noticed that it was taking around 50 MB of memory space when loaded with around 10 eBooks (only one open at the reading pane). 50 MB is not a big deal if you are on the multi-Gig group but if you are on the multi-Mega group then you might want to watch out as our lovely Foxit Reader (with the same eBook open) took only around 11 MB, which is quite a difference. So you weigh in your options and if you have the infrastructure to go for it then go for it. It surely is a worthy product to keep it in your Frequent Programs list.

You can download Adobe Digital Editions Beta from here.


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