Askar offers free upgrade to Windows Vista on your new PC/Laptop purchase

In Deals, IT on October 26, 2006 at 9:03 am

On one of my previous posts I’ve talked about postponing your PC/Laptop purchase until Oct 28, 2006 if you want to experience a free upgrade to Windows Vista.

It looks like has started offering this a bit early. Today when I was customizing a laptop that I wanted to purchase for a while (and have postponed since that post), I noticed that there is a new category that they’ve added during the customization process which allows you to do an upgrade for $10.

There are 2 ways you can upgrade your Windows XP based system to Windows Vista for almost free.

      • Express Upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium from XP Media Center Edition
      • Express Upgrade to Windows Vista Business from XP Professional


I’m not sure about the other retailers whether they would do it from Oct 26 onwards or they would do it only after Oct 28. I couldn’t find anything on their web sites that says that. You might wanted to check that out at your local stores.

But on, when you custom build a PC/Laptop they’ve included an option for you to pick and choose the upgrade kit. They, of course, charge you $10 to cover the cost of shipping the upgrade kit. But, hey, $10 to experience Vista than $$$? I’m up for this deal. says it clear that even though you can enroll for the upgrade kit now it will only be available on February 2007 when Vista will be (hopefully) available for the public.

Visit to start customizing your Home/Home Office PC/Laptop.


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