Scrybe – "It will blow you up" kind of an Online/Offline Organizer

In IT, Tools on October 22, 2006 at 9:26 am

Warning: You will be amazed or stunned by looking at this stuff. Please use caution.

My search for an online organizer/companion ends right here. Yes. Scrybe, an incredibly “out of the world” online organizer with offline support as well is about to launch this month and I have no words to explain how this has been thought thru and done with perfection that I would rather let you watch this video and blow your mind up.

Recommended: Grab a chair that’s sturdy enough.

If the embedded player doesn’t work, here is the outgoing link for you to experience.

Where in this world these folks have arrived from?

Scrybe, you’ve just completely taken off of me if this holds true on the real release. I can’t wait when you folks raise the curtain up at

And, these are just simple words to say, thank you for a job well done.

Way to go Scrybe!!!

  1. Off all the goodies I like in this whole application I would rate these as high.

    1. ThoughtPad
    2. PaperSync
    3. Context Sensuality

    So what do you like most in Scrybe? I would be interested to know.

  2. I couldn’t stop thinking about this stuff and one thought came to my mind. Since we might be dumping all our personal schedules and thoughts and what not into Scrybe, what would be the privacy guard?

    Well, we know the folks these smart enough would have something in stock to take care of that. But the whole point of making it online doesn’t feel that much comfortable as I was thinking about it lately.

    To me, it looks like the Web 2.0 social viral is everywhere and this could potentially be one of that. How? They have this ThoughtPad where you know you could dump all sorts of things life for example, regarding your shopping, your next big endeavor, your weekend trip and what not. Now at some point of time Scrybe could decide to go by sharing what you are collecting with others. Do you see that possibility?

  3. […] Scrybe – “It will blow you up” kind of an Online/Offline Organizer Warning: You will be amazed or stunned by looking at this stuff. Please use caution. Recommended: Grab a chair that’s sturdy enough. […]

  4. We’ve implemented similar printing styles in Nozbe – our Getting Things Done tasks and projects organizer:

    People have asked a lot for this feature.

  5. Hey Askars

    I have been trying to get an invite for Scrybe. If possible, will you please invite me.


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