Searching Within Google Search Results – Are We Missing A "Locate This" Kind Of Thing?

In IT on October 19, 2006 at 12:01 am

I may be missing something here or may be Google (and may be other leading search providers for that matter) is/are missing this feature. And I’m sure if Google is missing this then you might also be feeling the same as me if you are an active Google searcho’holic.

I rely heavily on Google search for even small little things like, lets say, checking a syntax when I code and things like that. It does a decent job of giving me what I want. Note the word “decent job” and I mean it. At times MSN Live Search has gotten me the correct result set than Google.

So, I search for something and it gives me that gazillion number of links and pages and then its my headache to go thru it to reach my result set. I’ve noticed that I always end up with paging thru the search results to arrive at what I was looking for. You might get an impression that rather I should use specific keywords to arrive at the desired result set. To a certain level I agree. But not in all the cases.

For example, a while back I’ve posted about a transformation pack that transforms your Windows XP into Windows Vistas’ look and feel. A while back I was looking for to see where I am on the search results on Google when I use the search term “Windows Vista Transformation Pack”. For the first few weeks I was on the first page of the search results, at times as the very first entry, but then over time I’ve got dropped to the second page. Now when I searched for that term it came up with a bunch of pages and I had to browse thru it to find out where I am. I know what I was exactly looking for but I felt I was forced to browse thru the result sets. It would be a lucky day if you could locate the entry on one of those first few pages. Since I was on the second page it wasn’t been a big hassle. Now think about an entry getting pushed down to the 10th of greater pages and you know the pain if you are to locate that.

It would have been a simple thing for Google (or any other search providers for that matter) to implement a feature that would help us locate an entry within the search result. I don’t mean to say that to bring up the entry to the first page. That I know I should have used a different search term like for example “Windows Vista Transformation Pack + askar” to arrive at the correct entry. But what I’m talking about here is a way to locate an entry within the gazillion number of pages that comes out of a search result so that we can jump down to the entry of interest. Do you see what I mean?

I’ve looked into Google, Yahoo Search, Windows Live Search and some other leading search providers and to my irony no one seems to provide that functionality.  Did they take it all for granted on us to go thru the gazillion number of result pages so that they can advertise on each of the page? Do you think that way?

  1. Yeah, what is the story–this should be a basic function, but damn if I can find it…. I’d guess for some reason they don’t want you to be able to do that for some advertising/page ranking reasons or sumptin’….Dunno.

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