Messenger Plus! Live – An Awesome Windows Live Messenger Extension

In IT, Tools on October 12, 2006 at 8:41 am

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I’ve been using the beta version of Windows Live Messenger for a while now and it looks to me pretty slick. When I was looking for extensions I just came across this extension pack for Windows Live Messenger and this seems to extend the experience further.

Here are some features of Messenger Plus! Live that you might want to take a look at if you are to consider this extension,

Tabbed chats

Use a tabbed web browser? Even if you don’t, you might find tabbed conversations useful for organizing your chats by converting a myriad of windows into a simple single one. Vertical tabs on the left, normal tabs on the top. You name it. You can also use tabs to group just some special chats and keep all the rest in normal windows if you want.

Quick Texts

Quick Texts

Tired of always typing the same? Meet quick texts and text replacements: automatic and customizable messages that can be sent with a simple shortcut or typed command, or automatic text replacing to use written shortcuts or using it as a word filter.

Custom Sounds

Custom Sounds

The Custom Emotion Sound feature brings sound integration in Messenger to the next level by allowing users to send their own sounds during a conversation. Sounds are played instantly on both ends and are transferred automatically and transparently when needed.

New emotion sounds can be easily created from existing sound files (such as MP3s) or can be recorded live from a microphone or other audio source but, if sound authoring isn’t your thing, thousands of sounds can be found in the public database or imported from sound packs.

Colors, formatting and commands

Colors, formatting and commands

Messenger Plus! gives you the possibility to choose any color you want for front and background, and add formatting, such as bold, italic, underlined and stoke-out. It also lets you control almost every aspect of Messenger via text shortcuts called commands, much like the ones in traditional IRC chat rooms.

Personalized Status

Personalized Status

Create custom away or busy statuses with a special name tag, personal message or even an auto-responder. Set a timer to reset your status in a certain time and organize presets to reuse common statuses.

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Messenger Lock

Messenger Lock

Be it for security in shared computer environments or for avoiding your boss (which would be wrong wrong wrong!), this feature lets you lock Messenger with a simple shortcut (or Plus! menu command) and hide it in the system tray with an inconspicuous icon, the ability to password protect it and to automatically send a message to your contacts to inform them when you have locked and unlocked your Messenger.

Contacts Desktop

Contacts on Desktop

Similar to what ICQ used to offer, you can show the status of any desired contact on your desktop in the form of small floating windows. You can drag and drop messages or links into these to send a message to the contact, or drop a file to start a transfer.

HTML Chat Logging

HTML Chat Logging

Messenger Plus! Live lets you keep logs of all your conversations in a much more flexible way than the original Messenger ones. Heck, Plus! let you do that for years before MSN Messenger added it as a standard, though not perfect, feature. But what does Plus! Live improve over it?

  • HTML Logs: beautiful styling and the flexibility of files you can take anywhere
  • Emoticons and Winks: Everything is logged, even custom emoticons are kept and winks shown as thumbnails
  • Log viewer: Shows you all your logs sorted by contact and date within Messenger Plus!
  • Skinnable logs: if you get tired of the default style of logs and know CSS or get a custom.css file, just drop it in your logs folder and change their look!

Event Viewer and Event Logging


Contact sign ins and sign outs, status changes, display name and personal messages changes. Everything can be logged and archived in XML-based files which you can view from your browser.

You can also use the Event Viewer in the Plus! menu to view this info in real time, to find if a certain contact signed in earlier or analyze their status changing behavior, or even their musical tastes!

Contact List Clean-Up

Contact List Clean-up

Easily view stats about all your contacts (last sign in, when you had the last conversation, etc.) and clean your contact list deleting old and repeated contacts.

Run Multiple Messenger Sessions


Just check a box in the Messenger Plus! Live Preferences and you’ll be up and running for logging into more than one Messenger session at the same time, all integrating with Plus! correctly and without patching any files.

Tabbed Chats and running multiple messenger sessions were a sell for me and I liked it after I installed this extension. Above all its free.

Here is the link to the site where you can download the Messenger Plus! Live Extension.

Happy Chatting!!!

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  1. My msn dosent have tabbed chats how do i get it i do have windows live plus!
    please reply in email to thank you x

  2. Jane – You don’t have to have the tabbed MSN Messenger to install Windows Live Plus. Rather by installing Windows Live Plus you get the functionality of tabbed chat windows. I’ve used it and it’s pretty cool especially if you used to keep multiple windows open at a time. At least one less clutter on your task bar. Hope this helps.

  3. hey im wondering lke i dnt get the pw protect info u gave us im wondering coz ma bro pw protected the new messenger and now i have the classic version plz help!!! shazza

  4. Hello,

    I love this extension specially the personalize Status,
    question though how can i prevent it from popping up every time a message is sent to me?
    Can it be configured to show once after the recipient receives it?

    But overall I love it

    Thanks a bunch

  5. i want all that
    how do i get it?
    can you please EMAIL me back!
    at my email that i supplied for you.

  6. hi
    wen i click ‘lock messenger’ it shuts down my whole messenger system! =S and i have to repetly shut down the computer until it starts up my windows live messenger again! and wen i click on the tab it doesnt open

  7. my messenger p[lus doesnt stick to my live messenger. everytime i start my im the messenger plus extension isn’t on it, so i have to install it everytime i sign in. why and how can i keep this from occurring.

  8. for some reason i dnt hve the multiple messenger thing or i just cant find it

  9. I want show my messenger status always online, even i shutdown the computer. how it will happen.

  10. Julier –

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your request. In fact, as you must have realized I’m not actively involved with this blog but rather focusing my energy on A77. Please visit and subscribe to A77 for any latest updates.

    Back to your request, it doesn’t make any sense to tell your friends that you are online after you’ve signed out of the service. It kind of deceive the purpose. If you really want to set some status message to the users while you are not actively on the site you may prefer to use some of the web messengers like Yahoo Messenger for Web or use Facebook kind of collaboration tools to tell your friends about your status.

    May be Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and other leading messenger service providers should listen to your request to allow the users to leave a message along with the “Offline” status message.

    Thanks for your patience Julier.

  11. I change something in the msn plus and nobody can see me online.I wanna know to show my status back on msn messenger

  12. hi i wanna know if u can get a extention pack were it has lyk cool fonts and stuff, if there is then email me back and send me the link xx

  13. after you press Ctrl+Space
    and my messenger is hidden..
    how do i get it to come back??
    i have no idea and i cant open it back up :S
    it would be wonderful if someone could tell me.

  14. Hey,

    how do you tab your chats?

    Please respond!

  15. First, download Messenger Plus!, found at Then, when you install and first run it, it will ask you some questions about your settings, including whether or not you want your chats to be tabbed.

    If you already have Plus! installed and your chats are not tabbed, click on the menu Plus! -> Preferences…, then click on the tab Conversations and select Tabbed Chats on the left. Here you can enable it.

    But I just find it annoying. After trying, I switched it off again. Anyway, good luck with it!

  16. Nikkki, if you lock your messenger with Ctrl+Space, it will be ‘hidden’ in your system tray (the bit on your taskbar with the icons, usually at the bottom right of your screen, next to the clock), and looks like a network drive icon (the disk drive with the pipe thingie connected to it). Just double-click that and your messenger is back.

    Click on the menu Plus! -> Preferences…, then click on the tab Conversations and select Messenger Lock on the left, where you can deactivate it. You can also change the icon it changes into when you lock the messenger, if you want to keep the lock but at least recognize the icon.

  17. Hi,
    umm ii just downloaded Msn plus. and ii locked iit with ctrl+space. But ii dont have a msn icon on the bottom right hand side of my computor. and iif i try and access iit from start iit wont open.
    Can you please help me.

    p.s email me please cause ii probably wont be able to find this site again.

    Many thanks.


  18. Brooke, when you press CTRL + SPACE, click the icon with the small grey disk and pipe like thing under it. You have to sign back in again, but that’s how you get it. πŸ™‚

  19. How do you change the icon for the Lock feature?

  20. hii uno wah jus press ctrl + alt + del.
    and go to processes n go to msnmsgr clik on it and clik end process n then go to the tab wer ur msn fing is n then juss clik on it n sign in agenz. πŸ™‚

  21. Hiya – I Got A Frend To Change My Name & My Personal Message. I Logged Onto My Account & It Just Said My Name Buh When My Frend Changed It And It Was Working Buh If I sign Out Then Sign In, It Changes It. Why Does This Happen? Please Reply Urgently. Thank You.

  22. HELP!!! i have a similar problem!!! how do u unlock msn plus without the icon at the bottom?

  23. So I have the new windows live [the 2009 version] and apparently you can use windows live plus on it but i’ve downloaded it and i can’t seem to find the plus icon anywhere….help! any suggestions?

  24. hi i am new to windows live PLUS !
    and i need to know how to password lock my messenger..
    do you think you email me back
    thanks πŸ˜€

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