Hold on to your next PC purchase until Oct 28, 2006 for a free Windows Vista experience

In IT on October 9, 2006 at 8:37 pm

The title says it all. Microsoft is set to offer either free or discounted Vista upgrades to those who purchase new computers during the holiday season, press reports indicate. To qualify for the coupons, a PC would need to be purchased after October 28 of this year (2006), and the upgrade would be good through March 15, 2007.

Microsoft would not confirm the program publicly, other than saying “we’re working with partners on this”. Reports indicate that the free or discounted upgrade would be based on the version of operating system installed.

For example, those who have Widows XP Professional, XP Tablet PC Edition, and XP x64 Edition would be entitled to the free upgrade. Those using Windows XP Home would be permitted to upgrade to Vista Basic for $49 and Premium for $79. No upgrade price was specified for Media Center Edition.

I was about to buy a new high-end laptop to replace my aging Compaq laptop. Glad that I didn’t commit to it so far. I would rather wait till the end of October to have a chance to experience the real Windows Vista.

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