Windows Vista RC2 is available for public download (Download link provided)

In IT, Tools, Windows XP on October 8, 2006 at 12:18 am

Microsoft has just released the Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 (RC2) version for public download. Initially it was suspected that Microsoft will release this only to their beta testers, MSDN and Technet subscribers and to the Customer Preview Program (CPP) members. But then, things must have changed that made them to make this version available to the public, but only for a limited time.

Anyways, as always, go grab ’em before its gone. Microsoft has explicitly said this time that it will be available only “for a limited time” and “may not have the same level of support” as RC1 (whatever that means). So you you should go grab ’em as soon as you can if you wanted to get the feel the new Vista version and to realize the 1400+ bugs it still has.

Here is what you should have to do to get RC2.

  • Navigate to this link.
  • Select the version of Vista you want to run, either 32-bit or 64 bit, your choice.
  • This will launch a new window where it tries to use the Akamai Download Manager (which comes in handy) to download this massive 2.49 GB file.
  • Accept the security dialog boxes so that the system can allow the Akamai Download Manager ActiveX control to work.  

Now, you might need tons of patience for this monster to get downloaded. Once downloaded you have to burn the ISO image to a DVD before installing it on to your (test/spare) machine.

There is no explicit product key provided for this RC2 as the expectation was to use the product key from RC1. I haven’t tried this though but it looks like that’s what the plan is. 

How do you get the product key for RC1? Read my previous post on how to get the product key for Windows Vista RC1.

Enjoy Windows Vista (without any cost).

Latest Update: It seems like the build 5744 (which was later renamed as RC2) had some issues that Microsoft pulled it off from the public download space and have said that it will be made available for public download again once they fix the issue. So hang-in there. It will be back with may be fewer than 1400+ bugs. Keep watching this blog and I’ll update it as soon as RC2 is made available again.


    IS DEAD. is where you end up IF you use your link to download, it is DEAD. Microsoft apparently closed this down already.

    Just thought You should know.


    Matt Mattero Ministries

  2. Thank you Matt. As I’ve said RC2 is only available for a limited period of time and this time Microsoft have made it clear. Thanks again for the update.

  3. Thanks Manoj for your comment.

    Matt Mattero has already mentioned this on his comment. As I’ve responded on that comment, Vista RC2 was made available only for a limited period of time. As Microsoft just released Vista to RTM they’re redirecting those old links to the main Vista site.

  4. Engineer

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