Transform your Windows XP to Windows Vista Look

In Tools, Windows XP on October 4, 2006 at 9:00 pm

The above are some screenshots of my desktop and my Windows Explorer. Do you think I’m running Windows Vista Beta or RC1? Guess what? You were wrong.

I run Windows XP Media Center Edition on my home desktop and the new look and feel of Windows Vista was the wonder works of this “Windows Vista Transformation Pack“. It’s a comprehensive transformation package that even transforms the startup screen and all the icons and sounds and almost everything that was Windows XP’ish. I’ve been running this for a while now and it seems to be perform pretty decent.

If you get the paid WindowBlinds program then you can even get the Vista glass effect. But without that it even looks good and very much functional. Awesome work by WindowsX.

Get the latest Vista Transformation Pack from here.

Download takes a while as the file is bigger in size. But once downloaded the installer guides you thru the process pretty much and the one thing you should be careful about is to cancel out the Windows warning dialog for some system files replacement. Don’t worry it won’t sabotage your system. I’ve done that thrice and it’s okay to do it.

May be setting a restore point before you do this might not be a bad idea. So, how do you set the manual system restore point? Simple. Just navigate thru Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools and launch “System Restore” tool. Click “Create a restore point” option and hit the “Next” button and on the second page just give it a name (like for example, “Prior to Vista Transformation Pack”) and hit the “Create” button. That’s it. Now you are pretty much worry free to try this out. On my experience the whole process was pretty smooth.

PS: The Yahoo Widget that you see on the top right corner of the screen doesn’t come with the pack. That’s something I run separate on my machine.

  1. […] For example, a while back I’ve posted about a transformation pack that transforms your Windows XP into Windows Vistas’ look and feel. A while back I was looking for to see where I am on the search results on Google when I use the search term “Windows Vista Transformation Pack”. For the first few weeks I was on the first page of the search results, at times as the very first entry, but then over time I’ve got dropped to the second page. Now when I searched for that term it came up with a bunch of pages and I had to browse thru it to find out where I am. I know what I was exactly looking for but I felt I was forced to browse thru the result sets. It would be a lucky day if you could locate the entry on one of those first few pages. Since I was on the second page it wasn’t been a big hassle. Now think about an entry getting pushed down to the 10th of greater pages and you know the pain if you are to locate that. […]

  2. this is a looks like windows vista..

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