A Comprehensive List of Passwords For Your Routers

In IT, Tips N Tricks on October 4, 2006 at 10:21 am

Often I find myself in a situation where I set quite crappy/complex/idiotic/once-in-a-lifetime-I-got-that-word kind of passwords for my router assuming that will be the safe bet. But after a while once (obviously) I forget those passwords I keep resetting my router to its factory default mode.

Fine, now it asks for the router’s default login credentials. Who knows? I don’t have the time to look for the manuals (out of the many different manuals I’ve got) and so I end up calling the customer service to figure out the password.

Now there is an easy solution to that problem. Someone at had composed a comprehensive list of default passwords for the various routers. Of course, it comes with the “terms of usage” policy that for this to work you shouldn’t have reset your router’s password. If you have then follow my way of life of resetting the router and then use the password from the list.

Isn’t that handy? To me…sure it is.

Here is the link.

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