One Another Latest QuickTime 7 Issue

In IT on September 27, 2006 at 4:49 pm

In one of my previous posts I’ve mentioned about iTunes 7 having trouble picking up the latest QuickTime 7 player the first time when you try to launch iTunes after the install.

Today I was streaming ScobleShow on the new QuickTime player (embedded in the browser). After around 25% of streaming it just stopped by itself and was refusing to continue further. I thought it’s because of the ScobleShow server having issues, sort of. After some attempts it looks like the latest QuickTime 7 player (that came with iTunes 7) itself was buggy.

PS: I just happened to stumble upon Apple’s QuickTime page which also looks buggy when it tried to play a .mov file. Here is a snapshot of what I’m talking about. Look at the bottom right where you can see a placeholder instead.

Unbelievable to see how Apple can release such buggy products!!! Were they in a hurry? Or is it just me having all these issues?

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