DOL Unleashes an Online Case Tracking System for Pending Labor Certifications

In Misc on September 23, 2006 at 8:14 am

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has finally implemented an online case tracking system to track the cases that are pending at the Backlog Processing Centers (BPC). It was for a while now that the Labor Certification applicants were left in dark regarding what’s happening at the BPC’s. Now, many thanks to DOL, you can at least find the status of your case. That’s a big step forward.

You need to key-in your case number that you must have received after the 45 days letter. It should either start with P or D. Once you key-in your case number the system will let you know the status of the case. The status can be one of the below.

1. Data Review – Your case has been entered into the Backlog System and is under review.

2. In Process – The case is currently being worked on or in the queue ready to be worked on.

3. Certified – Case has been Certified.

4. Denied – Case has been Denied.

5. Appeal – Case is currently being Appealed.

6. Withdrawn – Case has been Withdrawn.

7. Closed  – Case has been Closed.

Visit the DOL BPC Case Tracking Website.

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