Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta – Download Now

In General on September 20, 2006 at 11:25 pm

I’ve been looking for an email desktop client bar Outlook for quite a while now. I’ve tried Mozilla Thunderbird and few other email clients in that process. Thunderbird was a decent desktop email client but I always had problems connecting to my Gmail and MSN accounts. For some reason it never worked for me. May be because I deal with Microsoft stuffs always. May be!!!

Also, I wasn’t happy with the other desktop email clients that I’ve tried. One problem or other kept me uninstalling those applications. Then I gave up my search for a decent email desktop client until I stumbled upon Windows Live Mail Desktop. 

I’ve signed up for their beta version but I haven’t gotten any response from the team to notify me of the availability of the beta bits. I just came across this post in MS Tech Today where they’ve provided a link to downloaded the beta bits. Guess what…the first thing I read after the post was to download the bits.

I just installed the beta bits and it seems so far to be the best. To my surprise it had default support to deal with your MSN (of course), Gmail, Yahoo and AOL emails. No hassle. No manual port and server name entries. It took everything by default and in a few clicks my Gmail was hooked into the Windows Live Mail Desktop.

So far it seems to be the best desktop email client that I’ve tried other than Outlook. Of course there are some niceties missing. But, hey…still its beta and could be improved down the road. The majority of it works and server the purpose.

Good job, Windows Live Mail Team!!!

Read the post at MS Tech Today.

For your convenience the direct download link is here.

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