I’m All Set For My FiOS Internet Connection

In IT, Misc, Tools on September 18, 2006 at 2:35 am

Here is a very decent site that tells you your internet connection speed, both upstream and downstream. It requires you enable JavaScript on your browser (if you use NoScript extension). Give it a try here.

I’m a long time Comcast high-speed internet customer. They claim that they have the fastest connection speed. To a certain level I agree…yes. But not always. It depends on how many of your neighbors use the same cable service for their connectivity. My local connection speed on my machine says 100.0 Mbps. But I know it’s not 100 Mbps for sure as I, at times, have to wait for few seconds to minutes to download a page. Particularly this was true at the time when my neighbors are up and using the service (mostly daytime).

For a proof I used the above service to find out about my true internet connection speed and here is the report.

(Click on the above image to view an enlarged/readable image)

Just by looking at the above report you can easily notice that I’m not getting any way closer to the claimed 100.0 Mbps download speed. No way closer. And my upload speed is even worst.

Now, Verizon offers FiOS (Fiber Optic Service) in my local area (thank you Verizon). And there were 2 options with FiOS. You can get 5.0 Mbps and 15.0 Mbps downstream speed. And for the downstream speeds you’ll get 2.0 Mbps upstream speed. The cool thing about FiOS is that you get the full speed that Verizon claims. Since there is no sharing of your network line with your neighbors you get the speed you’ve subscribed, like a DSL connection. Isn’t that neat?

Given the horrible customer service (I’ll soon write to you in detail about my story) and billing service that Comcast has got I’ve decided to make the move. I can report you back with some more facts after a month of usage.

You can get Verizon FiOS from here or by calling 1-800-616-4231.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Verizon or any of it’s affiliates and the view expressed above is purely my own.

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