Atlanta/Orlando Trip

In General on September 11, 2006 at 8:37 pm

Sorry folks, for being “no blogging” for the past couple of days. In fact it was hard to find the time to blog as my wife and I was on a road trip to Atlanta and then to Florida.

It was a heck of a trip of around 12 hours drive one way to Atlanta. And then from Atlanta to Orlando, Florida it was another 8 hours drive. And then coming back!!! You can imagine. Even though it was hectic we liked it mostly. We had fun time both in Atlanta and in Florida.

We visited,

  • NASA’s Kennedy Space Center near Orlando. It was the best place I liked. I was pretty much amazed with the way things happen with the satellite launch. I was hooked when I watched a short film that shows the initial failures and then how we got it right after those attempts. The facility was pretty neat but the launch pad and some of the technological stuffs are pretty amazing.
  • Sea World, Orlando. It was fun watching those friendly sea buddies. Especially Shamu (a dolphin). It’s just incredible. You’ve gotta see that. There was another show with sea lions and that was also pretty neat. The highlight of the park is it’s fireworks at night in waters. It’s just amazing.
  • Universal Studios, Orlando. We weren’t that much impressed with the stuffs here. There were some good stuffs like Shrek 4D, Terminator 2 3D, Men In Black Ride, Back to the Future, ET and Nickelodeon. But it wasn’t as impressive as we thought.

On our stay back in Atlanta we visited,

  • Georgia Aquarium. Atlanta. It was huge and some of the stuffs are pretty impressive, especially the Underworld. It’s just so colorful down there and the fishes were also so colorful. It was a relaxing experience.
  • CNN Center, Atlanta. By the time we went there the show was closed so we just roamed around the building. It was huge and neat and thought we shouldn’t have missed the show of how news has been made in the television. Well…may be the next time.
  • Coca Cola Building, Atlanta. This was also closed and so we got some pictures shot outside the building 😦
  • The Underground, Atlanta. We didn’t like this for some reason. It was little dark down there and looked scary even though it’s all a shopping area.

It was a fun but tiring trip as we’ve spent around 50 hours on the road driving. But I think it’s worth it.

Some pictures for you to peek.

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