Coupon For Medical Exams

In General on August 22, 2006 at 2:03 am

Few days back I went on to see a dentist. After quite a wait (huh!!!) my turn came up and the receptionist (or however you wanna’ call it) told me that I had to take a set of 16 X-Rays. What?

Add to that, my insurance doesn’t cover this x-ray procedure since it was done just a year back. They cover only once in 3 years. Tell me that!

So, I told him (yeah, HIM) that I just had these x-rays done a year back and can you use that instead, sort of. He nodded and said NO. The doctor wants x-rays to be done at this facility. What??? (again!!!).

I don’t wanna’ pay for this completely from my pocket and so I was like…”can I come another time?” and “shall we reschedule this appointment?”…blah…blah…blah. Then came that moment when he said “don’t worry about the cost of x-rays, you can use this coupon”. What??? Coupon? On a medical facility? Really?

I was little shocked. This is the first time I came across a coupon to be used in a medical facility. I should have asked for one before. My bad, I paid for all those procedures. Poor me!!! I immediately said “why not?”.

Then on my way back I was thinking,

  • How will this work?
  • Who is going to pay for this service? I guess…and I’m pretty sure that it would be my insurance (some how).
  • If that’s the case…will I be asked to pay my co-insurance?
  • If my insurance doesn’t take it…what’s the point of doing this from the doctor’s perspective?

I haven’t found any answers to these questions. Have you heard about these before? What do ya think?

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  1. There shouldn’t be a reason you couldn’t get the x-rays from the other facility. They are you x-rays because you paid for them.

    It’s okay to question a doctor about the procedures he wants to do. It’s okay to ask about the costs and billing practices.

    As for the coupon, more and more facilities that aren’t insurance takers (like eye surgery for example) are having to compete for business. If this is a similar case then it is a good thing.

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