Automatic Restart After Windows Update

In General on August 14, 2006 at 10:49 pm

Imagine you got this dialog when you are away from your computer for a while!!!

Imagine you have all sorts of applications running on your machine and for some of them you didn’t save the data!!!

Imagine you come back to your computer after 5 minutes and you see the system restarted without your acknowledgement!!!

What do ya think?

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  1. I think it was pretty silly that Windows makes the decision by itself. I normally run a bunch of applications for some of which I don’t save the data quite frequently, purposefully. But I would use that application for a while.

    Because of this automatic restart I have lost quite a bit of data and in worst cases some of the applications doesn’t even load again proper.

    May be, Microsoft should issue a patch to fix this or give the user the control to decide.

  2. […] On one of my early postings titled Automatic Update After Windows Update I’ve talked about this annoying and sometimes detrimental effect of Windows automatically restarting after updating itself and the way the dialog box has been designed to accidentally accept the “Restart Now” button. […]

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