HP’s Photosmart Printer Drivers

In IT, Misc on August 7, 2006 at 2:00 am

Lately my laptop was just crawling and for a long time I wanted to clean up. I realized that I was running short of space on my 2 partitions and the Defragmentation utility couldn’t defragment my partition proper as it needs at least 15% of free disk space (and I didn’t have one).

So I sat down in the morning to free some space. I was trying my best to get rid of all the tools and stuffs that I don’t use day-to-day.  But couldn’t get enough space for the utility to run. Then by accident I came across a folder named “HP”. All these days I never thought of getting rid of that folder thinking that it’s something from HP that wouldn’t make my laptop work otherwise (my bad, I should have checked that out in detail before).

Interestingly, it was all HP Photosmart printer drivers. What’s more interesting was that the drivers were in all sorts of languages that I don’t even know (even in my dreams!!!).

Ironically, I use a DELL printer (sorry HP, couldn’t beat DELL on this one). I don’t know what makes HP bundle their own printer drivers in their laptop without any customer awareness. I was about to sacrifice some of my day-to-day usage softwares to get the free space. But luckily I came across this monster and with a click of a button I got rid of this and I was able to reclaim beyond 15% of my hard disk space.

So, by the way, you would think how much space was that monster occupying? Right?…A whopping 180MB!!!

I then got my defragmentor to work and got the performance back. Instead of enforcing those drivers by default and in that effect occupying more space on the hard drives. may be HP should distribute those drivers seperate as it’s possible that people might not be using the Photosmart printers (never at all, at times).

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