The MegaPixel Myth – A Nice Article About MegaPixel Cameras

In General on August 3, 2006 at 4:15 am

You should check this out. A very nice artcile about the myths surrounding the mega pixels on a mega pixel digital camera. I, for some reason, felt that the higher the mega pixel the better the camera would be because you are paying a higher price for it and so the quality of the camera would very well be higher.

That’s why I own a Sony 5 Mega Pixel digital camera. The reality is that I mostly found myself using the camera in the 3.1 Mega Pixel mode. Why? Because it takes less space to save (of course, time as well) a picture and that really matters in case when you run out of space in your memory card at a critical moment. Also less time to take a shot means less battery usage, which means more battery life on a single charge. Further more, the image viewer in my PC resizes the 5 Mega Pixel image to fit into my 19 inch LCD. That means a little ugly image on a normal viewing mode. Because of these and more I found myself locked into the 3 Mega Pixel mode.

This article unveils some of the myths. Take a look at here.

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