Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – A Humble Suggestion

In Misc on August 2, 2006 at 5:17 am

Salute the cause this foundation has been founded upon. By doing this Bill is high in the heart of many people and history will be the witness. Such a huge impression to people trying to make miniature donations.

One thing I was thinking over some time was that in order to eradicate some of these diseases from the developing world is to first educate and improve the quality of life of people living there. There is an incredible difference in knowledge and awareness of health between people living in the developed world and those in the developing world.

If the foundation can spend the effort to educate the people of what the diseases are and how to prevent them and how severe it can be and things like that…it would greatly help reduce these diseases. In those developing world many people are illiterates and they don’t have any idea of how the body functions and what has to be done when something goes wrong. They still practice their local medical practice which were taught to them generation after generation. In some case it works. I have to admit. But in most cases it just doesn’t work and people pay the price at last.

Also they don’t have the means to seek out the right medication. Of course, wealth is a major hinder block. Many of them find it hard to spend the day-to-day life in their budget and they don’t have the wealth to go see a doctor and do routine medical check-ups. If we improve the quality of their life by promoting entrepreneurship and creating jobs and providing them with adequate basic education they themselves will become aware of the health issues and would be fighting it hard to take care of it.

And, of course, the foundation can help fund the doctors to go visit the remote areas and help educate the public as well as treat them for their illness or camping in those remote locations to offer free full physical exams and things like that would greatly help educate and take care of many of these diseases before it becomes life threatning. Funding the doctors to go do these kind of jobs, I’m sure, would bring-in many aspiring and willing doctors to come forward to help this cause.

I’m sure the foundation and Bill knows about these a lot detail. But I just wanted to say it loud so that people can benefit from this foundation’s noble work.

Thank you Bill and Melinda and whomever works on this great cause.

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