Making 6 figure by training…

In IT, Misc on July 31, 2006 at 7:56 pm

Over the weekend I was just listening to the radio and heard this news about a teenager, I think his name is Taylor but I’m not sure where he is from in the US, making well into the 6 figure salary. I heard that he charges around $45 per hour and planning to raise it to $65 an hour. And the latest news is that he is making…guess what…$3,000.00 or more in one week. That will put him well into the 6 figure range and if he raise his rate as he said to $65 I don’t know what to tell ya.

All this by doing what? Training kids and adults on how to play the Microsoft xBox game HALO (I think Halo 2 as well). Isn’t his idea just wonderful as he sensed the market and acted on it soon. I think it started off for him as he was asked by a neighbor to train his kid in xBox Halo and for that the neighbor gave him $25 and he sensed an opportunity there. He acted quick to come up with something that’s feeding him well and beyond.

And that’s America!!! Any idea will shine as long as it’s authentic and there is a need for it.

Well done, Taylor.

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