Microsoft OneNote 2003

In Tools on July 29, 2006 at 12:14 am

OneNote 2003One of the best softwares that I’ve ever came across is the Microsoft OneNote 2003 software. I’m not sure whether you are using it or not but let me tell you, you’ll love it and you won’t spend another day infront of your PC without it. Mark my words. It’s that helpful.

There are off a lot of pretty handful things with it. The most I like is the way it’s been designed. It was designed to be as a notebook and so it has multiple flaps and pages as notebook. In fact it’s a structured notebook design that you can use to note down the information in a structured manner. It comes with some standard sections, folders, pages and sub-pages. But you might find yourself getting rid of the ones that comes with it and then you’ll be on a roll.

Another neat thing is that it loads up pretty fast and that makes sense for a note-taking software to be there when you need it. Pretty handy. Then it has the auto-save which doesn’t really ask you the messy where to save dialog. That’s the dialog that sometimes takes you down a stream and then you’ll forget about the one’s you’ve saved. At least I do. With this standard storage folder (which obviously you can customize) and no-annoying save feature that’s gold for me.

Last but not least, with a Tablet PC, you’ll feel the difference.

No more words to thank Microsoft for such a wonderful tool. Good job Microsoft OneNote team.

Find out the ways to buy one here.


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