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FreeRAM XP Pro

In Tools on July 31, 2006 at 9:34 pm

Another nice little utility that silently does the job of cleaning your computer’s memory of any orphaned windows handlers. Why do you need to clean up your computer’s memory? Over a period of time or if you are running Windows for an extended period of time and lauching applications that aren’t completely optimized (most of ’em out there are not completely optimized, let me tell ya) your computer memory will be filled out with orphaned handlers that stays back in the memory even after you’ve exited the application.

So, doing this over a period of time, what happens? You know the answer…don’t you? It will just make you computer run crappy, like a tortoise, as your computer has to do excessive paging (paging, in a lay-man’s term, a way of shuffling your computer’s memory in an effort to give all the running applications an even slice of the available memory).

Solution: FreeRAM XP Pro.

I just came across this tool and I’m so far pretty impressed with it. After I’ve installed this tool, today morning was the first time my computer maxed-out it’s memory, that kicked-off the FreeRAM tool. I have a GIG of RAM on my laptop and what happened in the morning was that I was running closer to 1000 MB. Sounds crazy? Yes it may very well…but I do run applications that are heavy-weight in terms of their memory footprint and so at many instances I just max out of my computer’s memory. So my FreeRAM utility came up and tried to clean up some of the memory and guess what…it has cleaned up a whopping 620 MB of RAM and brought my laptop back to it’s efficient routine. That’s almost 60% of free space and none of the applications that were running at that time was afffected.

You can download one here or at

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Making 6 figure by training…

In IT, Misc on July 31, 2006 at 7:56 pm

Over the weekend I was just listening to the radio and heard this news about a teenager, I think his name is Taylor but I’m not sure where he is from in the US, making well into the 6 figure salary. I heard that he charges around $45 per hour and planning to raise it to $65 an hour. And the latest news is that he is making…guess what…$3,000.00 or more in one week. That will put him well into the 6 figure range and if he raise his rate as he said to $65 I don’t know what to tell ya.

All this by doing what? Training kids and adults on how to play the Microsoft xBox game HALO (I think Halo 2 as well). Isn’t his idea just wonderful as he sensed the market and acted on it soon. I think it started off for him as he was asked by a neighbor to train his kid in xBox Halo and for that the neighbor gave him $25 and he sensed an opportunity there. He acted quick to come up with something that’s feeding him well and beyond.

And that’s America!!! Any idea will shine as long as it’s authentic and there is a need for it.

Well done, Taylor.

Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Xbox logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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Microsoft: .Net Beat Java, Who’s Next?

In IT on July 29, 2006 at 6:05 am

Isn’t that fascinating to hear (of course, if you are a Microsoft technology developer)?

Wanna’ read more about this? Here it is.

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Microsoft OneNote 2003

In Tools on July 29, 2006 at 12:14 am

OneNote 2003One of the best softwares that I’ve ever came across is the Microsoft OneNote 2003 software. I’m not sure whether you are using it or not but let me tell you, you’ll love it and you won’t spend another day infront of your PC without it. Mark my words. It’s that helpful.

There are off a lot of pretty handful things with it. The most I like is the way it’s been designed. It was designed to be as a notebook and so it has multiple flaps and pages as notebook. In fact it’s a structured notebook design that you can use to note down the information in a structured manner. It comes with some standard sections, folders, pages and sub-pages. But you might find yourself getting rid of the ones that comes with it and then you’ll be on a roll.

Another neat thing is that it loads up pretty fast and that makes sense for a note-taking software to be there when you need it. Pretty handy. Then it has the auto-save which doesn’t really ask you the messy where to save dialog. That’s the dialog that sometimes takes you down a stream and then you’ll forget about the one’s you’ve saved. At least I do. With this standard storage folder (which obviously you can customize) and no-annoying save feature that’s gold for me.

Last but not least, with a Tablet PC, you’ll feel the difference.

No more words to thank Microsoft for such a wonderful tool. Good job Microsoft OneNote team.

Find out the ways to buy one here.

StatBar – Windows Statistics Bar

In Tools on July 29, 2006 at 12:02 am

I just started using this StatBar, a windows statistics bar that I feel is incredibly handy. It’s a lot customizable and it seems like it’s reliable so far with accurate counters that keep you well informed of what your PC is upto.

You can give it a try here.